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I graduated from U.C. Santa Cruz with a CS Ph.D. in Dec'15, and moving to Stanford as a postdoc. I won't be maintaining this site for now, please check my updated homepage here: stanford.edu/~rvaish or contact me at rvaish@stanford.edu. Thanks!

I am Rajan, a 4th year Computer Science PhD student at the University of California at Santa Cruz. My advisor is Prof. James Davis. I also work with Prof. Michael Bernstein at Stanford University's HCI Group. After my summer internship at Palo Alto Research Center (PARC), I am continuing to work with Victoria Bellotti (Research Fellow) as a visiting researcher. I am an avid open source software enthusiast and have great interest in research & development with social impact. Currently, I am focusing on the aspects of mobilizing the citizen crowd and how we can leverage the potential of crowd to accomplish worthwhile global goals. Some of my favorite projects in this direction are: Twitch Crowdsourcing, PARC's Peerworthy and the Whodunit? Challenge. My research interests include HCI, Crowdsourcing, Social Computing and ICTD.

As part of my RAship, I am also collaborating with Los Alamos National Laboratory (US Dept. of Energy), and working with Reid Porter and Reid Priedhorsky. In past, I have worked with Prof. Monica Lam from Stanford MobiSocial Computing Laboratory at MobiSocial, Inc, with Michael Muller and Werner Geyer at IBM T.J. Watson Research, and Bill Thies and Ed Cutrell at Microsoft Research. I've also had work experience working for Google SoC, OpenStreetMap Foundation, OLPC, and Accenture Technology Labs. Being an aspirant social technology entrepreneur, I look forward to further my research and pursue a social enterprise venture in future. Also, I love connecting with people, please feel free to contact me anytime.

Upcoming Travel:
-ACM DEV, San Jose, CA - 5th-6th December 2014.
-AAAI HCOMP and CrowdCamp, Pittsburgh, PA - 30th Oct-5th November 2014.
-Google Summer of Code 10 year anniversary reunion, San Jose, CA - 23rd-26th Oct 2014.
-ACM UIST, Honolulu, HI - 5th-8th Oct 2014.

- [10/8/2014] Will be reviewing papers for ACM CHI 2015.
- [10/5/2014- 10/8/2014] Served as student volunteer at ACM UIST, Honolulu, HI.
- [09/15/2014] Paper on 'RTI Compression for Mobile Devices' got accepted at IEEE ICIMu 2014, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
- [Sept 2014] AAAI HCOMP updates: Work-in-progress paper on low-effort crowdsourcing got accepted with Jeff Bigham and Haoqi Zhang; Got accepted at the Doctoral Consortium for 'Crowdsourcing the Research Process' paper(mentor: Prof. Liz Gerber); Got accepted at the CrowdCamp 2014.
- [09/19/2014] Will be a visiting researcher at PARC for an year.
- [02/03/2014] Will be spending summers at Palo Alto Research Center (PARC, a Xerox company) in the Computer Science Lab.
- [01/15/2014] Paper on Twitch Crowdsourcing got accepted at ACM CHI 2014, Toronto, Canada.
- [10/04/2013] Serving as a reviewer for ACM CHI 2014 and W4A.
- [10/01/2013] Got accepted at YCombinator's Summer School'13, will be in Cupertino, CA on 18-19th Oct'13.
- [08/23/2013] Paper accepted at IEEE GHTC'13, will be in San Jose from 20-23rd Oct 2013.
- [08/05/2013] Serving as the reviewer for the HCOMP'13 Work-in-progress, and got accepted at the HCOMP CrowdCamp'13.
- [08/05/2013] Twitch Crowdsourcing project won the Google Faculty Award'13 with Prof. Michael Bernstein, at Stanford University.
- [03/07/2013] Serving on the Programme Committee of W4A 2013, co-located with WWW 2013.
- [02/04/2013] Will be spending summers at the IBM T.J Watson Research's Collaborative User Experience Research Group in Cambridge, MA.
- [01/08/2013] The website for my summer intern project at Microsoft Research is live now! The India wide social gaming challenge begins on 1st February 2013. Check out The Whodunit? Challenge! My interview with the New Scientist magazine here.
- [01/01/2013] Will be spending spring quarter at Stanford University's HCI Group, with Michael Bernstein as a visiting PhD student.
- [11/07/2012] Poster paper accepted at ACM DEV 2013.
- [10/22/2012] Paper on "3D+2D TV: 3D Displays with No Ghosting for Viewers Without Glasses" accepted at ACM Transaction on Graphics 2012.
- [7/16/2012] Paper accepted at IEEE GHTC'12, will be in Seattle from 21-24th Oct 2012.
- [4/17/2012] Co-organizing the 1st Workshop on Human Computation in Digital Entertainment at AAAI AIIDE'12 Stanford.
- [3/20/2012] Will be spending summers at Microsoft Research India as a Research Intern under Technology for Emerging Markets group.
- [3/1/2012] Serving as an affiliate at the University of California Center for Collaborative Research for an Equitable California (UC CCREC).
- [2/10/2012] Reached regional semi-finals of the UC Berkeley Global Social Venture Competition 2012.
- [2/3/2012] Serving as an external reviewer for ACM CHI 2012.
- [12/15/2011] Poster paper accepted at ACM DEV, will be in Atlanta for DEV and ICTD 2012 from 11-15th March 2012.