Press and Links


-What’s new in digital and social media research: Crowdsourcing, analytics, Twitter patterns, product ratings, Harvard’s Journalist’s Resource, May, 2014
-The Next Frontier in Crowdsourcing: Your Smartphone, MIT Technology Review, March, 2014
-Crowdswiping, Stanford The Dish Daily, Feb, 2014
-Crowdsourcing with a swipe of your finger, Santa Cruz Sentinal/San Jose Mercury, Feb, 2014
-Crowdsourcing Twitch app could turn swipes into cash, NewScientist, Jan, 2014
-UCSC Researchers Develop Display for Both 3D, 2D Viewing, India West, Oct, 2013
-Can Internal Crowdfunding Help Companies Surface Their Best Ideas?, Harvard Business Review, September, 2013.
-3-D TV faces uncertain future, MSN, August, 2013.
-IBM discovers its inner Kickstarter via enterprise crowdfunding, Network World, August, 2013.
-3D+2D TV: A 3D display that’s watchable without glasses, without ghosting, Extreme Tech, July, 2013.
-Microsoft to test social tech in India, Times of India, Feb. 2013
-Microsoft’s social ‘Whodunit’ competition to begin in India, Yahoo! News, Feb. 2013
-From Computing Research to Surprising Inventions (Peter Lee, head of MSR, launching the Whodunit? Challenge), Microsoft Research, Feb. 2013
-Microsoft India Announces A Nationwide Social Gaming Competition, Silicon India, Jan. 2013
-Social whodunnit competition launches in India, NewScientist, Jan. 2013
-Bangalore Microsoft lab draws global interns.Times of India, August, 2012.
-Accenture and MIT Gain in India, MIT Newsletter, Spring, 2011.
-More Than Code, It’s a Community Too!, Google official Open Source blog, 2008.

My Profiles elsewhere on the web:

-Mentor for Stanford’s Research Topics in HCI Class (CS 367).
-Stanford HCI Github.
-Stanford home page.
-UC Santa Cruz home page.
-Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) project page.
-University of California Center for Collaborative Research for an Equitable California (UC CCREC) homepage.
-AAAI Workshop’12, Stanford, CA
-Google Scholar profile.
-Google Code profile.
-Microsoft Academic profile
-DBLP Research page.
-Tumblr blog.
-LinkedIn Profile.
-Quora profile.
-OpenStreetMap Profile [outdated].
-OLPC Profile [outdated].

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